Facebook, Live TV to Become Cozier


FacebookFacebook wants to expand the connection between itself and live television content.

The concept of the “second screen,” where viewers engage with live TV using social media tools was big a few years ago, however now the environment has changed.

Twitter’s slow product growth has hampered that ability to fulfill that need and hardware companies like Apple have added functionality on the TV to fulfill the second screen function without mobile, reports Tech Crunch.

So Facebook has stepped in. “TV viewers are connecting on Facebook during their favorite broadcast programs. We highlighted one relevant study on our Facebook for Business blog which found that 85% of people who reported visiting a social network while watching TV said they visited Facebook,” Bob Morgan, a Partner Engineering Director at Facebook said in a company blog post.

Facebook has been collaborating with media partners on tools such as polling for live events and new APIs to enable partners to more easily display specific Facebook content streams.