Facebook Modifications, Right From The Core


Here’s some good news for users of Wazee Digital Core that want to post, revise and/or delete digital video content on Facebook directly from the platform: You are now empowered to do so, thanks to an advancement from cloud-native video management and licensing services player Wazee Digital.

The new feature means Core can now publish to and manage multiple social-media syndication points — namely YouTube and Facebook — to make it easier for users to monetize their content libraries.

“With more than a billion daily active users in March alone, watching more than a million hours of video a day, Facebook represents a huge opportunity for content owners to expand their brands and reach targeted audiences through their premium videos,” said Allison Coquet, Wazee Digital’s VP/Product Line Management, Core. “With this new option, we’re helping Core customers take advantage of those opportunities by streamlining the process of posting to Facebook, which allows for more posts in less time and easier management of edits and deletions.”

Core is Wazee Digital’s cloud-native digital asset management solution that powers all its products and services, including distributing content to multiple digital endpoints.

The Facebook-publishing feature’s intuitive design lets companies structure the posting workflow to suit their business practices. Also, employing the Facebook API means there’s no need to enter information twice, saving time and reducing the chance of user error.