Family Guy defends its crown in latest kgb 542542 ranking



During the week of 10/4-10/10, Family Guy managed to maintain its hold on the top spot of a unique TV ranker from research service kgb 542542, which serve the texting-happy younger demographics. Dancing with the Stars moved back to #2 and Gossip Girl returned to the top 10.

The service derives its ranking by totally up the number of questions it fields about current television programs. There is no distinction as to whether a program is broadcast- or cable-originated.


Here are the new rankings:

1. “Family Guy” Fox (last week #1

2. “Dancing with the Stars” ABC (last week #4)

3. “Jersey Shore” MTV (last week #5)

4. “Glee” Fox (last week #6)

5. “South Park” Comedy Central (last week #10)

6. “The Simpsons” Fox (last week #8)

7. “Gossip Girl” CW (last week unlisted)

8. “Supernatural” CW (last week #3)

9. “The Office” NBC (last week #7)

10. “Sons of Anarchy” FX (last week unlisted)

Dropping off the list were “CSI” CBS (last week #2) and “Dexter” Showtime (last week #9).

RBR-TVBR observation: Once again, despite the relative youth of this data pool, broadcast programs took seven of the top ten slots, and all of the top four. For a traditional medium bound by stricter content rules and regulations than its wired competitors, broadcast sure seems to have staying power.