Family Radio decamps from apocalypse dating


The website of Family Radio is now devoid of any specific predictions on when the end of the world is going to take place. The move comes after the group’s leader, Harold Camping, had his third swing and miss at predicting the date – two of which came during 2011.

Camping originally called for a massive destructive event that was to occur 5/21/11, including natural disasters beginning in the New Zealand area and spreading from there throughout the globe.

When that didn’t occur he admitted to making some mathematical miscalculations, declared that a quiet, spiritual apocalypse had taken place and stuck to his declaration that there would be an event 10/21/11, this time leaving open the possibility that it might be a quiet event as well.

Nothing seems to have taken place on that date either and it was noted by The Christian Post that all references to an apocalyptic event have been removed from the noncom radio group’s website.

The Christian Post has suggested that there was not a high level of confidence in Camping’s October prediction among the staff at Family Radio. The key piece of evidence: Nobody took the last day of the world off. Instead, it was business as usual, and the programming proceeded as usual too. A receptionist CP spoke with estimated that 80% of the staff did not believe Camping’s prediction.

Camping has been sidelined by a stroke since June, and CP said he has now admitted that the final day cannot be known, according to documentarian Brandon Tauszik, who has been closely following Family Radio. Tauszik also says that Camping intends to retire.

According to CP, Family Radio aims to continue to use radio to bring “comfort and encouragement” to its listeners.