Family Radio using radio-related assets for doomsday ads


Harold Camping, the force behind religious broadcast outfit Family Radio, has calculated that “Judgment Day” is less than a month away – he says it will occur on 5/21/11. The group has recently taken its message to the Boston area, using Clear Channel and CBS – their billboards, not their radio stations – to get the message to the people of the area.

According to a report in the Boston Globe, Clear Channel is running Family Radio material on about 50 outdoor locations, and CBS is running about a half dozen more.

It is estimated that the group has rented space on between 1.2K-1.5K billboards nationwide.

Family Radio is said to be going so far as to rent at least two of CBS’s eye-catching electronic tri-vision venues, which are said to carry a monthly rental charge of between $8K-$12K.

Michael Garcia, the Family Radio employee responsible for managing the billboard campaign, says 5/21/11 will actually be the beginning of the end. He says it will feature massive earthquakes that will make the recent disaster in Japan seem like child’s play. He says it will start in New Zealand and work its way to the United States.

Camping had previously predicted that the end of the world was coming, possibly in September of 1994. He has reworked his math to come up with the 5/21/11 prediction. In addition to the billboard campaign, the group has been using its network and stations to get the word out.