Family Stations spins Santa Maria FM


SoldHarold Camping’s Family Stations media group has been pruning its portfolio of late, and it has another deal in the hopper, which would send KHFR-FM Santa Maria to California Lutheran University.

The station is a Class B on 89.7 MHz with 2.45 kW @ 1,867’. Also included in the deal is an FM translator, K209CE, licensed one market to the north in San Luis Obispo.

The price is $475K cash. It does not include the call letters – CLU must pick new ones within about two weeks of the transaction application filing, which Family Stations will apply for. Family will also apply for a main studio waiver on CLU’s behalf which will allow the station to operate as a satellite of KCLU-FM Thousand Oaks CA, serving the Oxnard-Ventura market just to the north of Los Angeles.

KLCU is a Class B1 NPR affiliate on 88.3 MHz with 3.2 kW @ 518’.