Fargo Limbaugh limbo ends swiftly


Rush LimbaughNo sooner had conservative talk icon Rush Limbaugh lost his radio platform to reach the citizens of the Fargo ND-Moorhead MN market than he found another. His new home is on locally-owned WZFG-AM The Flag out of Dilworth MN.

Until very recently, Limbo was being aired on the FM dial at 101.9 MHz. However, a talk format was not doing it for the Midwest Communications outlet, and it elected to drop Limbaugh and the rest of its program lineup in favor of a rock sound as KRWK-FM.

WZFG-AM is owned by Bakken Beacon Media LLC, and its principal, Scott Hennen, is a conservative talker in his own right.

Hennen’s 8-11AM driver will provide a ideologically congruent lead-in to Limbaugh, who will be heard from 11AM-2PM.

The AM station has the juice to project Limbaugh over a wide swath of western Minnesota and eastern North Dakota during the daytime when his program airs, broadcasting to the tune of 50 kW. It drops down to 440 W at night, which is more than enough to blanket Fargo-Moorhead.

Hennen told Ryan Johnson of the Forum that he has Limbaugh for at least the next three years, sparing local citizens from even a temporary loss of the program.


  1. Rush listen, You need to go out and smell the roses, Laugh hard and enjoy it. When you get in front of that microphone laugh again; when you turn it on laugh again. Recently, in my humble opinion as a listener, you have been complaining and seem very angry, rather than humorous. Your foil: Mr. Obama is really laughable. A young man elected way beyond his experience. Elected to an office way over his head. He fumbles, bumbles, and makes a total fool of himself. What else would you expect? Enjoy it because this is a great lesson to everyone about democracy. To work, it must have an intelligent and educated electorate or look at whom may get elected.

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