Fast growth seen for auto infotainment systems


Media system in a vehicleWhen we were younger, when our family drove a new car off the lot its entertainment system was an AM radio, and that was it. FM showed up, and one kind of recorded music player or another, and for awhile that was plenty. But those days are gone, and systems that offer multiple in-car items are said to be on a high growth trajectory.

The report comes from MarketsandMarkets. It says, “Individual products like radio, DVD players, display screens, navigation systems are being used by car users. However, In-Car Infotainment systems have offered a new option to the user of using all the products in the same system. This has offered customer a new and enriched experience, which has been accepted it worldwide. In-Car Infotainment systems are being positioned in the luxury cars rapidly. Auto-OEMs are using infotainment systems as a differentiation tool and planning to extend the trend in the mid-segment cars.”

The upshot, as detailed in its report “In-Car Infotainment (ICI) System Market – Global Forecast & Analysis by OEM & Aftermarket (2011 – 2016),” is that the market for such things will enjoy double-digit growth on average until, by 2016, they will be worth $14.4B on the global market.

The systems will enable the drivers and passengers of an infotainment-system-equipped car to choose from a variety of audio entertainment options, and even provide video options to those in back, and at the same time make it possible to locate the next gas station, restaurant or to find whatever information is pertinent to the trip in progress.

RBR-TVBR observation: The trade organizations that represent the interests of local radio had best be on this like white on rice – if multi-option infotainment systems start showing up without a local radio option, it will not be good.