FCC advises MPVDs on children’s files, fines one


Kids watching TVAs a general rule, the FCC noted that MVPDs audited for proper public file information on children’s programming were in compliance. However, some were put on reporting conditions and one suffered a hefty financial punishment.

A cable system run by Time Warner Entertainment – Advance/Newhouse Partnership in Kansas City MO was completely missing children’s programming documentation and is being hit with a Notice of Apparent Liability pegged at $25K.

The FCC issued individual releases on the TWE action, along with ten others, and also combined them all into one FCC Enforcement Advisory.

The FCC wrote, “In passing the CTA, Congress found that special safeguards are appropriate to protect children from over-commercialization on television. To provide such safeguards, the CTA and the FCC’s rules limit the amount of commercial matter in children’s programming and require the maintenance of records documenting compliance. These rules, covering programming targeted to children ages 12 years old and younger, apply to television broadcasters, cable operators, and direct broadcast satellite systems. In particular, commercial matter transmitted during children’s programming must not exceed 10.5 minutes per hour on weekends and 12 minutes per hour on weekdays. Additionally, broadcasters, cable operators, and satellite systems that air children’s programming must maintain records sufficient to verify their compliance with the advertising restrictions and make such records available to the public.”

Notices of Violation went out to the following MVPD operations, all of which were cautioned “that future violations could result in more severe sanctions, including monetary forfeitures.”

* CCO SOCAL I, LLC, Gilroy, California
* Cebridge Acquisition, LP (Suddenlink), Bryan, Texas
* Charter Communications, Inc., Athens, Georgia
* Charter Communications, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas
* Comcast of Howard County, Inc., Elkridge, Maryland
* Comcast of Illinois XI LLC, Mount Prospect, Illinois
* Cox Communications Louisiana LLC, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
* DirecTV, Inc., El Segundo, Californi
* DISH Network, LLC, Englewood, Colorado
* Verizon Florida LLC dba Verizon FIOS, Hillsborough County, Florida