FCC agenda: Much ado about stuff other than broadcasting


Move along folks, nothing to see here. Well, that’s pretty much true if you are a broadcaster and you’re contemplating visiting the FCC or tuning into the webcast of its next open meeting. It will be yet another session with little of consequence for those in the radio and/or television business.

The Open Meeting for February is on the schedule for 2/8/11, with the starting time of 10:30AM.

Item one is about the Connect America Fund. As the FCC describes it, “The Commission will consider an item to get broadband to all of rural America and spur infrastructure investment and job creation, by modernizing the Universal Service Fund and intercarrier compensation (ICC) system while cutting waste and inefficiency.”

Item 2 is of the FCC Form 477 Data Program. Says the FCC, “:  The Commission will consider a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, initiated as part of the Commission’s Data Innovation Initiative, to streamline and modernize the collection of data via Form 477, in order to ensure that the data the Commission collects enables informed policymaking while minimizing burdens on voice and broadband service providers.”

Finally, the third item is called a Review of Wireline Competition Bureau Data Practices. The FCC explains, “The Commission will consider a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking initiated as part of the Commission’s Data Innovation Initiative, to eliminate the legacy narrowband comparably efficient interconnection (CEI) and open network architecture (ONA) reporting requirements that currently apply to the Bell Operating Companies (BOCs), due to a lack of continuing relevance and utility.”

RBR-TVBR observation: RBR-TVBR asks that you please plan ahead and arrange to do something newsworthy on 2/8/11, since apparently the FCC has no plans to help us create copy to slake the insatiable appetite for broadcast news exhibited by our loyal readers.