FCC aims 96K in fines at retailers


Another round of fines has been announced, headed for consumer electronics outlets which were caught selling analog-only television gear without the now-requisite consumer alert. A warning must be displayed in the direct vicinity of any such equipment, and it "must be in a size of type large enough to be clear, conspicuous and readily legible with the dimensions of the equipment and the label." It must either be displayed directly on the item or immediately adjacent to it.

The fines go for 8K a pop, and were levied for DVD players, DVD/VCR combos and 13" television sets. The geographic range was impressive, ranging from Garden City NY to Beaverton OR, and from Birmingham AL to Anchorage AK.

Fred Meyer Store and Ultimate Electronics received three citations each for a 24K total; Boscov’s and Radioshack each were hit twice for 16K, and Gregg Appliances d/b/a HHGregg and Trans World Entertainment d/b/a F.Y.E. each took a one-time 8K hit.