FCC Announces Employee Award Winners


WASHINGTON, D.C. — The FCC on Friday announced the winners of the agency’s Excellence in Economic Analysis, Excellence in Engineering Analysis, and Employee of the Year Awards.

These first two awards recognize Commission staff for outstanding economic, analytical, scientific or technical contributions to the FCC’s work.

The Employee of the Year Award recognizes bargaining unit employees who have made outstanding contributions to the agency, including through their quality performance, creativity, problem solving, or customer service.

Chairman Ajit Pai made the announcement at the Novembers Open Commission Meeting, commending the winners.

“Congratulations to these outstanding professionals for bringing their expertise and dedication to bear on important and complex topics. I know I speak for my colleagues when I thank all of the award winners for their service and congratulate them on this well-deserved recognition,” the chairman said.

Excellence in Economic Analysis AwardMatthew Collins, Katherine LoPiccalo, Patrick Sun, and Aleksandr Yankelevich of the Office of Economics and Analytics (OEA) share the 2019 award for their substantial and comprehensive economic analysis of the proposed merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. Their work combined rigorous application of standard merger evaluation techniques with novel methods that were necessary to evaluate the proposed transaction and address the multitude of arguments in the record concerning its competitive ramifications.

Excellence in Engineering Analysis AwardsJohnny Le from the Enforcement Bureau’s Dallas Office is the winner of the Commission’s 2019 Excellence in Engineering Award. He is being recognized for his work in developing a mobile broadband LTE coverage and service drive test survey package to support the Mobility Fund II (MF-II) project.

Employee of the Year – Individual awards were presented to William Beckwith of the Public Service Homeland Security Bureau (PSHSB) for his streamlined improvements to a decade-old annual data collection process, analysis, and report; Jonathan McCormack of OEA for his contributions in designing, overseeing, and launching facets of the MF-II Challenge process; and Jim Scott of the Enforcement Bureau for his coordination with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and PSHSB, as well as repairs to the FCC’s damaged Type I site in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. A team award was presented to Anthony Asongwed, Towanda Bryant, Kathleen Campbell, Jae Lim, Eleanor Lott, Trang Nguyen, and Jeanette Springs of the International Bureau who helped successfully implement a new six-month application window for C-Band earth station operators to register with the FCC.

Nominations for each award are solicited from across the agency. The Excellence in Economic Analysis and Excellence in Engineering Analysis nominations are reviewed by selecting committees comprised of experts from across the Commission. The Employee of the Year Award nominations are reviewed by a joint union-management committee.