FCC apprehends Florida FM bandit


Broadcasting PirateAn individual has been hit by the FCC for an illegal FM operation in West Palm Beach FL – and it’s not the first time the same person was found plying the airwaves at 92.5 MHz without a license.

In West Palm, Pierre Nixon Jean was the party hit with a notice of apparent liability for operating on 92.5 MHz without a license. FCC agents tracked the signal to his apartment, and his landlord was able to make a positive I.D. based on photos the FCC acquired by visiting the illegal station’s website, exitfm.com. The landlord also saw radio equipment in the apartment during a visit there to deal with an unrelated issue.

The standard fine for unauthorized operation is $10K, but the FCC found that Jean has a prior, and adjusted the fine upward to $15K.

RBR-TVBR observation: More and more we are seeing cases in which the FM pirate made provided ample evidence about their outlaw operation by maintaining a website. The police would no doubt be very happy if garden-variety criminals would start doing the same thing.