FCC approves Birach CP move to Illinois


birachThe FCC has approved Birach Broadcasting’s application to relocate their CP from a new station on 640 in Terre Haute, IN to Peotone, IL just outside Joliet. This move means the demise of Birach’s WMFN-AM 640 Zeeland/Grand Rapids, MI.  The Peotone AM would interfere with WMFN.

Birach won the Terre Haute station at auction.  The frequency was silenced when the previous owner was convicted of twelve felonies in a Missouri court.

The FCC decision granting the 640 move contains this interesting clause:

“We also urge the permittee to expeditiously file for a call sign for this granted permit upon receipt of this action.”

Word Power Inc., which competed for the 640 frequency in an FCC auction with Birach and other interests in Terre Haute are protesting the loss of 640. But the station is not yet on the air. Birach claims that Peotone would gain first service.

Added the Commission: “We recognize the strong support that the formerly-operating 640 frequency once enjoyed in Terre Haute, and we agree with the objectors” that there’s an “expectation that the service will continue.”

Moving to Peotone will also boost the CP from 250 watts to 4,500 watts.


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