FCC Auction Road Show Adds Cities


MeetingMaximizing broadcaster participation in the incentive auction is a major goal of the FCC, and to that end it has already scheduled visits to three major California cities. Now, it has added four more visits to a total of three states.

In California, the cities include Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

The new states on the schedule are New York, where it will visit Buffalo; Michigan, where a session will be held in Lansing with invitations to Detroit telecasters; and two sessions in North Carolina, pegged for Raleigh and Charlotte.

Here’s the schedule:
* March 9, 2015: Buffalo, NY
* March 10, 2015: Detroit, MI and Lansing, MI (in Lansing, MI)
* March 16, 2015: Raleigh-Durham, NC
* March 17, 2015: Charlotte, NC

The FCC stated, “Given the educational and informational purposes of the general sessions, including the provision of information relevant to potential participation in the auction, attendance at the general sessions will be limited to broadcasters and their representatives. Additionally, with the limited exception described below, attendance at a general session or individual meeting and discussions with Commission personnel at the meetings regarding such matters as how the auction will work, bid options, and opening bid prices using the methodology proposed by the Commission in the recent Comment Public Notice, will not require a filing under the Commission’s rules governing ex parte communications.”