FCC bags another FM pirate


The FCC had a history with Marckenson Bazile of Miami FL when they traced a signal on 103.9 MHz to a residence he was leasing. They wound up at the same location on two separate occasions in June of 2010. In May of 2010, another search led to a garage owned by Bazile that he said he was subleasing to another individual. A 103.9 signal was also the object of the May trace. The ultimate result is an NAL for Bazile worth $20K.

The FCC investigation turned up a website called paradisfm.com, noting the existence of paradisFM on 103.9 MHz. Further investigation of material available online also led to Bazile.

And the story goes back even further – Bazile had been caught operating on pirated FM spectrum in Port St. Lucie back in 2007.

Taking Bazile’s relatively lengthy FCC rap sheet into account, the FCC doubled the standard $10K fine for operating an unlicensed station.