FCC broadens its open scope


The last two FCC open meetings have understandably focused exclusively on the DTV transition, falling just before and about three weeks after the mini-transition that took place 2/17/09. This week it broadens its horizon and looks at two kinds of broad-: broadcasting and broadband. Among other things.

Key items for broadcasters include a look at an NPRM to improve data collection to determine accurate levels of minority and female ownership of broadcast licenses (“Diversification of Ownership In the Broadcasting Services”), and another NPRM designed to encourage more commercial and noncommercial radio service in rural areas (“Policies to Promote Rural Radio Service and to Streamline Allotment and Assignment Policies”).

The Commission will also look at the state of competition in video distribution, consider a national broadbanc program for the future and look at homeland security issues under the FCC’s jurisdiction.

RBR/TVBR observation: What we really need is something along the lines of an NPRM on something like the Time Acquisition Coercion Initiative, under which federal agents will compel private business to book advertising flights on local broadcast facilities, at competitive rates, of course. Think that’ll fly?