FCC catches up to Wyoming problem STLs after 10+ years


Pile of MoneyAn FCC agent discovered that Mount Rushmore Broadcasting had been operating a studio-transmitter link for KMLD-FM Casper WY from a location about a third of a mile from its authorized location. To say the very least, that was just the beginning of Mount Rushmore’s troubles.

When the company responded to the FCC, it admitted it moved the STL sometime in 2001 or early 2002. It admitted it should have filed an application to make the move back then, and did apply on 5/24/12.

The base fine for this infraction is $4K, but the FCC doubled it due to its lengthy duration, to $8K.

Then we come to the cases of KQLT-FM, KASS-FM and KHOC-FM, all licensed to Casper as well. The first two had been using an STL since 1995, and the third since 2000, all of which had no FCC STL authorization at all. The company applied for those authorizations on 5/24/12 when it applied for the new location for the KMLD STL.

The fine for unauthorized operation of an STL is the same as for a full power FM: $10K. Again, the FCC doubled it due to the duration factor, so each of the three stations was hit for $20K.

The grand total of the FCC punitive bill: $68K.


  1. This is just one of OH, SO MANY violations that Mount Rushmore Broadcasting
    has made since Jan Charles Gray bought the stations that make up the company. Countless violations in almost anything connected with his ‘way of doing business’ have gone by the wayside, though many agencies including the U.S. Department of Labor, I.R.S. and others say that they are currently conducting their own investigations. Mr. Gray has made it no secret that he has many high level government officials ‘on the payroll’,and has frequently
    stated that he considers himself “BULLETPROOF” as to such violations and even criminal matters. Mount Rushmore Broadcasting has several Radio stations in a few states, yet only one {Yes…ONE} employee, and has had only one for several years in clear violation of several rules and laws, yet as of today, not a single charge has been filed against him. Maybe he does have these people on his payroll after all.

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