FCC Clamping Down on Hilton


FCCHilton Worldwide Holdings is in hot water to the tune of $25,000. That’s what the FCC plans to fine the hotel giant for obstructing its investigation into whether the chain had blocked Wi-Fi hotspots being used by customers.

In an order published on Monday, the FCC said Hilton must provide information and documents to assist the investigation or it could face a “significantly higher fine.”

The investigation into Hilton, which mirrors others launched by the FCC, began in August 2014 when a complaint was received that alleged the Hilton in Anaheim, California, was blocking Wi-Fi hotspots used by consumers unless they paid a $500 fee for the hotel’s Wi-Fi service. Complaints were also received for other Hilton properties.

In November 2014, the FCC asked Hilton for information regarding corporate policy and WiFi management practices at its U.S. hotels.

A year on from that request, the FCC says it still hasn’t received the documents it requested.


  1. $25,000. Oh, I’ll bet that has Hilton quaking in its figurative boots and wondering where they’ll get the money. Not. They spend more than that in one day on toilet paper. A $25,000,000 fine might have gotten their attention…

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