FCC clears MG/Hoak deal


Smart Media Group and the Mark Kennedy ’06 Campaign have failed to block the $60M sale of KALB-TV Alexandria LA (NBC) and WMBB-TV Panama City FL (ABC) from Media General Communications to Hoak Media LLC. The FCC denied their petition to deny, which was deemed irrelevant in two significant ways. For starters, the complaint hinged on the alleged failure of KVLY-TV in Fargo ND to give Kennedy the benefit of its lowest unit charge during his campaign – Kennedy contends that Hoak’s failure to make retribution demonstrates its lack of character and therefore its lack of fitness to be a licensee. Since KVLY is not part of the current deal, the petition is irrelevant. The second significant problem with the petition is the fact Hoak did not even own KVLY at the time of the alleged infraction anyway. It was not until 1/3/07 that Hoak acquired the station. The FCC said it is not responsible for the actions of its predecessor and granted the Media General deal.