FCC compares noncoms


The FCC has waded through 28 separate groups of wannabe noncommercial station licensees that had filed mutually exclusive applications for stations. Applicants have had an opportunity to file amendments or come to agreement among themselves, and these are the remainder following completion of those processes. The FCC has performed threshold analyses and decided on a winner in each case.

Licensees who could claim a fair distribution advantage – the provision of first or second reserve band service to a significant population – had the inside track during the comparisons. After that, a 5K advantage in potential population served was enough to place one applicant over another.

Several of the groups consisted of only two applicants, but others had many more, capped by an allotment in Hawaii that attracted no less than 57 applicants, eight of whom proposed to locate their station in Hilo.
For those interested in a look at each decision, a pdf of the FCC release is in the attachment box to the right.