FCC completes communications business entry barrier report


The latest “Section 257 Triennial Report to Congress Identifying and Eliminating Market Entry Barriers For Entrepreneurs and Other Small Businesses” is done – it basically includes commentary on actions taken and pending by all parts of the FCC. Among accomplishments highlighted by the Media Bureau is the introduction of the enhanced ownership Form 323.

Other accomplishments cited included the move to increase opportunities to build low power FM stations and the merger condition that requires Sirius XM to make channels available to diverse programmers.

Michael Copps commented on the report, saying that at the very least it puts the spotlight on areas of concern, and suggested that the time for action is long past due. “Our media and telecommunications landscape, our civic dialogue, and our country will be better off when we reduce the barriers confronting minorities, women and small businesses as Congress directed us to do fifteen years ago,” he wrote.

Mignon Clyburn also weighed in, and voiced her expectation that some of the barriers will be addressed as the Commission wades through the Quadrennial Ownership Review. “The next Triennial Report should also show that we have not ignored the needs of communities for traditional media sources to address their diverse local interests.  Mass media, whether TV or radio, off-air or via subscription, is still a significant source of news, entertainment, and emergency information for millions of Americans.  It remains critically important to have opportunities for new, small, and diverse entrants in traditional media as on-air talent, creative forces, editorial voices, vendors, distributors, and owners.  I am optimistic that the Commission’s forthcoming actions in the Quadrennial Ownership Review, as well as in mergers and acquisitions that require our review will reflect this recognition and concern.

The full document can be read here.

Pictured: FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn