FCC consumer panel set for all-day session


FCCThis being the Genachowski FCC, it may come as no surprise that broadband will consume a good portion of the agency’s Consumer Advisory Committee when it meets in June. But it may have some broadcast recommendations as well.

The meeting is on the calendar for Friday 6/15/12, and will run from 8:30AM to 4PM.

In a release, the FCC noted that “…it is expected that the Committee will consider a recommendation from its Broadband Working Group regarding the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure Initiative. The Committee will also consider two recommendations from the Committee’s Consumer Empowerment Group regarding text spamming and third party wireless shutdowns.”

On the broadcast front, it may get around to recommendations on three items that affect broadcasters: political advertising, spectrum and EAS issues.

If you are an actual consumer and would like to personally advise the Consumer Advisory Committee, it says that there will be a limited amount of time available for public input into the proceedings.