FCC consumer panel sets meeting


The transition to digital television is a popular topic in Washington these days, and it will be the key agenda item at the next session of the FCC’s Consumer Advisory Committee. In fact, a committee of the Committee called the DTV Working Group will take center stage and deliver its findings in draft form for consideration by the full panel. The meeting is scheduled for 9/27/07 from 3PM-5PM Eastern at the FCC’s SW Washington digs.

RBR/TVBR observation: The actual employees of the FCC would benefit most if the Consumer Advisory Committee can direct them toward funding for a serious DTV educational push. However, most of federal Washington, including the members of Congress and officials at the FCC, seem to be hitching their wagon to the NAB, whose membership has a vested interest in making sure the public knows the score with a high degree of accuracy. And we have to say that the NAB has approached this situation with an admirable sense of calm and dignity. The NAB would be perfectly within its rights if it sent a platoon of lobbyists to the FCC and the Hill every single day screaming that the public is ignorant of the transition and that the government needs to open up the treasury NOW to make sure word gets out. The NAB’s thus-far peaceful demeanor doesn’t mean it won’t work hard to make the transition a success, but it underscores its utter confidence in the communications capabilities inherent to the medium it represents.