FCC could throw domino deal in Utah, Wyoming into reverse


College Creek Media wants to upgrade its FM CP in Evanston WY. It needs Eastern Utah Broadcasting Company to move KARB-FM Price UT to another channel to make that possible. And to induce EUBC to take that action, it’s prepared to give it KRPX-FM Wellington UT. But if the FCC denies the Evanston upgrade, the entire arrangement may unwind. But too, it may not.

Christopher Devine’s CCM would like to upgrade its 98.3 MHz CP from Class C2 to full C status, and that means EUCB would have to move 98.3 MHz KARB down the dial several clicks to 95.3 MHz. And KRPX would be moving as well – it is resident on 95.3 MHz, but has a CP in place to move to 92.7 MHz.

KRPX would be its payment if the FCC agrees to the Evanston upgrade. If the FCC says no to Evanston, then the deal is off.

However, EUBC will hold an option to acquire KRPX anyway for $300K.

An LMA will be put in place while the other issues are being sorted out, and will unwind within 180 days of an Evanston CP denial, or until the station transfers over to EUCB.

KARB and KRPX would constitute an FM duopoly pairing in this unrated portion of Utah many miles SSE of Salt Lake City.