FCC cross-ownership forum in the works


The next stop of the FCC Media Bureau’s Quadrennial Review Road Show will be Tampa FL, where the topic will be broadcast/newspaper cross-ownership. It is an interesting choice for Media General, which owns the Tampa Tribune and NBC WFLA-TV in the market.

The session is on the calendar for 4/20/10, and will run from 3:30PM to 7:30PM. The venue will be the University of South Florida’s Marshall Student Center.

From the FCC, here are the topics that will be addressed:

* How newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership affects competition in the local media marketplace;

* To what extent, if any, cross-ownership affects the production of news and public affairs content; and

* Whether cross-owned combinations impact the quantity, quality, diversity, and responsiveness of local news and public affairs programming and if so, how.