FCC degrades two more Class A TVs


LPTVKFLZ-CA San Antonio TX and KGLR-LP Lubbock TX were Class A television stations. Both failed to place children’s programming info in their public files, then failed to defend their Class A status when called upon to do so by the FCC. Hence, they are no longer Class A stations.

The San Antonio station is licensed to B Communications Joint Venture; the Lubbuck station to Lubbock Television Company.

In both cases, the stations were missing Children’s Television Programming Reports; both stations were afforded two opportunities to address the issue with the FCC or risk having their allocations downgraded; and both failed to respond on both occasions.

Now, they are both officially LPTVs.

RBR-TVBR observation: It’s hard to believe that anybody would allow this to happen for any reason. Just at the most basic level, we can not imagine holding an FCC license and not doing our level best to comply with all applicable rules and regulations. And we would certainly respond in a timely manner to any and all FCC inquiries.

Beyond that, we are talking about an existential matter here. Class A stations enjoy protections similar to those of full power stations. LPTVs do not. With spectrum auctions looming, an LPTV is liable to be swept off the airwaves with on compensation going to the licensee.

At best, these stations are devalued, and at worst, they’ll be gone, all because of the failure to follow some relatively simple and straight-forward rules.