FCC Denies Royce Again on KUDL Protest


FCCThe FCC has upheld earlier decisions and okayed assigning the license of KUDL(FM), Sacramento, Calif. From Royce International Broadcasting Company to Entercom.

Royce originally agreed to sell the former KWOD to Entercom. The deal closed in 2003.

But then the agency instituted new processing guidelines and Royce argued the grant should be re-processed under the revised local ownership processing rules and that its petition was pending.

The bureau didn’t agree then and upheld that decision last October; saying that Royce failed to demonstrate the bureau made a mistake. The commission says Entercom had an existing combo that was grandfathered by the ownership order and the bureau correctly applied the processing rules.

Royce appealed the Media Bureau’s approval of the sale again. Media Bureau Chief Bill Lake says in the decision the bureau dismissed arguments Royce hadn’t brought up previously, because the agency has narrow circumstances under which a party can seek to have a decision reconsidered. Royce hasn’t met that threshold so the bureau has dismissed its petition for reconsideration.