FCC doubles down on Michigan AM


The bank account at Birach Broadcasting’s WCXI-AM Fenton MI is going to be a little lighter after the FCC discovered a few problems with the station’s level of rule compliance.

An agent visiting the station for an inspection found its public file was light 24 programs/issues lists. The reason for the omission, according to the station manager, was that she had never been told about the requirement, or how to create the list.

An inspection of the tower site on that February 2010 day had to be postponed due to snow, which rendered it inaccessible. But when the agent did make it to the site in late March, the site was accessible. But a large section of fencing had separated from the rest, making it accessible to the general public as well.

The agent noted that the broken fencing was in the process of being reclaimed by nature, indicating that it had been in disrepair for a lengthy period.

The upshot is a $10K fine for the file violation, a $7K fine for the tower site violation, and reporting conditions.

WCXI is a Class B on 1160 the 1 kW-U that is oriented to the south of and home to the Flint MI market. Its signal also clips the northwestern corner of Detroit. It holds a CP to move closer to Detroit with 15 kW-D and 215 W-N.