FCC: DTV and only DTV in June meeting notice


No surprise here. When the calendar hits DTV-minus nine days and counting on Wednesday, June 3rd, the FCC will devote its entire Open Meeting to the imminent DTV transition. Panelists have not yet been identified. It is possible some other matters will be placed before those assembled for consideration, but in the early sunshine notice of the event, the FCC showed no indication whatsoever that it expected any other issues to be on its mind on that late date.

As of now, the “details” announced by the FCC aren’t much more enlightening, but here they are:

* The meeting will include presentations and discussion by agency officials as well as industry, consumer groups and others involved in the Digital Television Transition. A list of presenters will be released prior to the meeting.

* Congress has set June 12, 2009, as the deadline for terminating full-power analog television broadcasting in the United States.  The purpose of the meeting is to educate and inform the Commission and the public about the final preparations for the digital television transition, including the availability of consumer support and hands-on assistance for those who may need it.

RBR/TVBR observation: By the time this meeting is held, all the working pieces should be functioning smoothly and positioned appropriately. It is our belief that the transition will not be the horrific event some fear. It’ll be noisy for a few days, and there will likely be stubborn trouble spots here and there that defy attempts at quick fixes, but for the most part, the relationship between US citizens and their televisions will go forward into a new era with very few people temporarily left behind.