FCC figures in WH bowling incident


It will come as no shock to veterans of the Washington scene to learn that the White House is in cahoots with the FCC – after all, the president gets to select the FCC chairman, and also nominates all of the commissioners (although usually on the recommendations of key members of the Senate Commerce Committee). But TheHill.com is reporting a visit to the White House bowling alley over Memorial Day weekend by none other than FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski.

At the time, Genachowski was but a nominee, and according to newly-released visitor logs was officially meeting with a WH transition officer. But President Barack Obama slipped into Washington in the midst of a Camp David visit, and speculation is that Obama, Genachowski and others were in the bowling alley. Obama had previously admitted to NBC’s Jay Leno that he needed work on his game following an embarrassing bowling incident while on the campaign trail.

Genachowski and Obama trace their friendship back to their days as students at Harvard University.

RBR-TVBR observation: We basically figure that this story has just about as close to nothing to do with anything as a story can. But if suddenly there are a rash of complaints about the short shrift given to the sport of bowling on television compared to other sports, not to mention its near-total absence on the radio dial, you will know where the roots are located.