FCC finalizes July meeting agenda


FCCThe sneak preview of the topics on the table at the FCC July Open Meeting turned out to be an actual preview. For broadcasters taking a little time off, there is no need to disrupt your vacation plans.

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday 7/19/12 at 10:30 AM. It is once again heavy on broadband and lighter than air when it comes to broadcasting.

From the FCC, here’s what’s on the table:

* FCC Next-Generation Mapping
The latest advancements in mapping at the Commission, including the launch of fcc.gov/maps, and novel use of maps and the latest open source mapping technology to increase transparency across the agency and promote data-driven decision-making to benefit consumers, industry, and developers.

* White Spaces for Wireless Broadband
A progress report by the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and Office of Engineering & Technology on the development and use of white space technology to unleash more spectrum for wireless broadband.

* Measuring Broadband America Report 2012
The Measuring Broadband America July 2012 Report, which extends the study into more regions and publishes more kinds of data. This latest study of broadband performance in the U.S. follows the Commission’s first-of-its-kind report last year to test and report transparent broadband speed and performance data in collaboration with Internet Service Providers.