FCC gears up for special Auction No. 88


According to a new FCC release, 30 bidders applied to take part in the 7/20/10 auction of mutually exclusive CP applications that have become available one way or another. The FCC said 22 of the applications are good to go; but eight are incomplete.

The incomplete applicants are being notified by overnight correspondence of their status and are being told exactly what is missing. They will have until 6/17/10 to get their applications straightened out.

FCC earlier described the auction as follows: “Auction 88 will resolve pending closed groups of mutually exclusive applications for full-power FM and FM translator construction permits that have been the subject of various Commission and judicial decisions,” wrote the FCC. “Included in these groups are twelve applications that were recently amended to specify operation as commercial broadcast stations. Auction 88 will also resolve mutual exclusivity between applications for a new AM station on 640 kHz in the Terre Haute, Indiana, area.”