FCC gives broadcast engineers a spectrum forum


Architects of the National Broadband Plan have been salivating over the prospect of repurposing broadcast-occupied spectrum. But to its credit, the FCC is giving broadcast engineers a chance to weigh in on the topic. A “Broadcast Engineering Forum” is now on the schedule for 6/25/10. But the FCC isn’t providing all that much time.

The FCC is considering “rule-makings regarding service areas, distance separations, channel-sharing, and other mechanisms to achieve its spectrum reallocation goals.” Engineers and technical experts from the broadcast sector have been invited to participate in an examination of these issues at a session running from 3PM-6PM at the FCC.

The will be four topics under consideration, following an overview of the issue, with each getting a half hour. Afterwards, there be 45 minutes for comments and questions and a brief conclusion.

The topics for discussion will be (1) Cellularization of Broadcast Architecture, (2) Methodologies for Repacking the TV Band; (3) Improvements in VHF Reception; and (4) Advancements in Compression Technology.

RBR-TVBR observation: The three hours devoted to this complex topic will go by in an eye blink. Broadcast tech experts will have to be prepared with succinct and persuasive arguments, and they will need to be relentless about interjecting them into the discussion.