FCC going into DTV overtime


The FCC, under the temporary leadership of Acting Chair Michael Copps, is nothing if not on task. The deadline for announcing plans for early analog shutdown was yesterday evening at 5:30PM Eastern. The FCC began sorting out full-term and early shutdown stations immediately. Meanwhile, NAB has fired out the latest stats from NTIA, showing the coupon waiting list at about 4.5M – but by now NTIA should be far along with the task of clearing that list out. Orders are slowing as well – averaging only about 58K daily over the past 30 days and about 36K daily over the past week.

RBR/TVBR observation: The entire full power television universe encompasses only 1,759 stations, and nearly 700 of them have already made their intentions known (or have executed their intentions), leaving a very manageable total of 1K and change for FCC staff to deal with. Still, we hope that Copps took pains to lobby Congress for a requisition of pizza.