FCC grants extra time to compile Form 323


FCCThe new FCC ownership reporting requirements which entail filling out FCC Form 323 every two years involve a great deal more information than in the past – and as it did in 2011, the FCC is giving broadcasters an entire extra month to compile and file the necessary data.

The detailed information required to fill out the form is expected to be accurate to 10/1/13. But the due date has been extended from 11/1/13 until 12/2/13, with no change to the 10/1/13 cut-off date on data freshness. Broadcasters essentially have 30 extra days to pull everything together, providing no doubt blessed relief to companies with large broadcast portfolios.

The FCC granted the extra time of its own volition.

The filing require applies to AMs, FMs, TVs, Class A TVs and LPTVs and their licensees.