FCC grants more time for indecency comments


DeadlineThe FCC’s request for opinion on how it should move forward on indecency has been filling its virtual mailbox, but at least one interested organization has cited the underlying complexities of the issue and asked for more time to prepare and submit comments.

The particular organization asking for an extension was the National Association of Broadcasters. It cited the “…complex policy, legal and constitutional questions raised in this proceeding.”

And it has another concern – the fact that in this particular issue there is ample room for differences of opinion within its own membership. The NAB wants additional time to consider the those various intramural viewpoints.

The NAB requested a 30-day extension of the original 5/20/13 comment due date and 6/18/13 reply comment due date.

The FCC replied, “By this Public Notice, we grant the NAB’s request for additional time. We recognize the importance of affording all interested parties sufficient time to prepare their comments and to consider the comments filed in preparing reply comments as warranted. We also respect the interest of the public in having sufficient time for review and consideration of the various positions and concerns.”
The new comment due date is 6/19/13, and the reply comment due date is 7/18/13.