FCC holds August Open Meeting


Today. After holding meetings the past few months at just about the last possible minute, Chairman Kevin Martin is getting the monthly chore out of the way early this time around. The lonely, one-and-only topic is a title under the jurisdiction of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau: "Reexamination of Roaming Obligations of Commercial Mobile Radio Service Providers." This means that broadcasters have no particular reason to tune in, except for frequently-roaming group executives and consultants who may be interested in this topic for personal reasons.

RBR observation: August is get-out-of-town month in Washington. Congress is already gone, and this move by the FCC falls right in with inside-the-Beltway tradition. A statute on this isn’t written down anywhere that we know of, but if there was one, it would read "August business, if business there must be, shall be short, sweet and over."