FCC issues guidance for FM translator applicants


FCCThe final rule-making for new LPFMs and translators made things a little better for those on the translator side of the equation, but in doing so it also added a layer or two of additional complexity. The FCC has provided examples to guide translator applicants ahead of a 1/10-25/13 filing window.

For example, the national cap for translator applicants was 50, but was increased to 70 if a certain number are out of the high-density population areas. An applicant who has 71 pending Auction No. 83 applications, it must select 70 to prosecute and one to dismiss; otherwise, the FCC will accept only the first 50 it deals with and will dismiss the rest.

If an applicant has 55 pending apps in high-density areas, it must select five to dismiss or the FCC will again only accept the first 50.

The full document is available here:


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