FCC keeps the spotlight on broadband


The tentative agenda for the FCC’s November Open Meeting is out, and once again, it is all broadband, all the time. Broadcast will be getting some focus, however, as the FCC holds the first of three workshops on the quadrennial review of broadcast ownership rules and regulations. The November meeting is on the books for Wednesday, 11/18/09.

One portion of the November meeting will look at ways to grease the wheels for siting new wireless broadband towers as needed with out running roughshod over local zoning authorities. The other portion will consist of an update on progress of the National Broadband Plan, due to be finalized 2/17/10.

There will be three panels examining the broadcast rules – there is one featuring scholars (Monday, 11/2/09), one for public interest groups (Tuesday 11/3/09) and one for broadcasters (Wednesday, 11/4/09). All run from 9AM to 12 Noon.