FCC kicking off another round of white space tests


Earlier FCC tests of unlicensed devices designed to operate in the open spectrum between operating television stations have not yet yielded satisfactory results. But the FCC says it is set to plug away on another round of testing. "The Commission is committed to working with all parties to continue the process of investigating the potential performance capabilities of TV white space devices in an open and transparent manner," said the FCC in a release. "To that end, the Laboratory will be conducting additional laboratory and field testing of prototype devices." It says that companies wishing to submit a device for testing should make their desire known ASAP. Further details will be forthcoming.

TVBR observation: Test away! And keep right on testing, especially under the new all-digital broadcast conditions that will be in effect in this portion of the spectrum. Meanwhile, perhaps other, safer ways to utilize the spectrum between stations can also be considered.