FCC lengthens the window for Comcast-TWC comments


ClockFor a number of reasons, the opportunity to weigh in on the impending merger of Time Warner Cable into Comcast has been extended. In fact, it is technically an extension of the reply comment deadline.

Originally set for 10/8/14, it is now set at 10/29/14. The allowance for more time was due to a request from DISH Network.

Among the reasons for the extension is an issue with the FCC’s request for more information from the companies. They filed an 850-page objection to the request, and in so objecting, the FCC said they actually provided more information that could be germane to the comments of third parties.

And the outcome of the request for more info and the resulting objection is still pending.

The FCC said that while such issues are unresolved, there is no question that the comment deadline is worthy of extending, so it went ahead and did so.

It said further determinations, including adding some time to the 180 day deal review shot clock, are also pending.

The issue is under MB Docket No. 14-57.