FCC looking for $350M+ in FY2011


Most of us are just getting used to using the year 2010 when we write a check or otherwise have to fill in a current date. The FCC, however, is looking forward to Fiscal Year 2011, when implementing the National Broadband Plan and undertaking other projects are leading it to ask for $352.5M.

In addition to NBP, FCC says the cash will be needed to “…continue to manage the nation’s spectrum use; overhaul the Commission’s data systems and processes; continue to improve the FCC’s operations using improved technology; support the Commission’s public safety and cyber-security role; strengthen the Commission’s consumer information programs; and enhance the FCC’s role as a strong advocate for U.S. interests internationally.”

FCC Managing Director Steven VanRoekel said, “With the President’s proposed budget, the FCC can continue its important work of supporting and enhancing the nation’s economic growth by promoting innovation and investment throughout the telecommunications and information technology industries.”