FCC looks at standing issue


William B. Clay does not like the fact that KCIL-FM is being allowed to change its city of license from Houma LA to Jean Lafitte LA. Clay seems to have noticed that Jean Lafitte is many miles closer to New Orleans than is Houma. He charged that the FCC is supposed to prevent “urban migration of FM broadcast stations.” The problem is he lives some 650 miles away in the Charlotte NC area. His rationale for filing is his fear that the FCC may allow a local community station to immigrate to the environs of a larger market in his area, if this one is allowed to go through. The FCC had numerous reasons to note Clay’s lack of standing. Among them was the statement that “the vague ‘threat’ of such harm that Clay adverts to is conjectural and, therefore, not the direct injury prerequisite to the acceptability of a petition for reconsideration.” The FCC said that KCIL’s owner, Sunburst Media, properly acquired the CP for the COL change that the FCC properly approved it, and that Clay failed to petition against it when it was an open matter. He was declared procedurally defective and left without a leg to stand on, so to speak.