FCC makes record long-jump TV city changes official


FCCAt first, the FCC considered PMCM TV’s proposal to move one television station from Jackson WY to Wilmington DE, and another from Ely NV to Middletown Township NJ, to be absurd. But the DC Circuit Court said that the moves reflected the stated preference of Congress and told the FCC to reverse its decision, which it has now officially done.

The moves were associated with the attempt to correct the lack of VHF television facilities in the states of Delaware and New Jersey. At the time of the proceeding, in pre-digital television days, VHF channels were a better vehicle for television signals than they are in the digital era.

The court ruled that as it read Congressional intent, the moves were to be allowed if they were technically feasible. While moves of this type of distance were considered very much a stretch by the FCC at the time, they are certainly technically feasible.

The FCC has not challenged the latest court ruling, and officially adjusted the DTV Table of Allotments to delete Channel 2 Jackson WY and add Channel 12 Wilmington DE; and to delete Channel 3 Ely NV and add Channel 3 Middletown Township NJ.