FCC minority radio panel comes into focus


The FCC will be doing more than looking into minority broadcast ownership issues next week – that panel is scheduled to sit Wednesday, 1/27/10. The day before, a session is being held that will explore the use of broadband technology to improve minority radio.

According to the FCC, “Participants will discuss how broadband technology could expand the listener base for minority radio, unique barriers to the use of broadband technology by minority radio, and what business models can best marry broadband technology and minority radio.

The session kicks off at 9:30AM.

Government participants:

* Carolyn Fleming-Williams, Senior Deputy Director, Office of Communications Business Opportunities, FCC

* Rick Wade, Acting Chief of Staff, Department of Commerce


* Mario Armstrong, Radio Host; XM/Sirius radio, USTalkNetwork.com, WYPR & WEAA

* Eric Broyles, Founder & CEO, Megree, Inc.

* Frank Flores, Chief Revenue Officer of the radio segment & General Manager, Spanish Broadcasting Systems

* Anita Stephens Graham, Partner, Opportunity Capital Partners

* Zemira Jones, President /CEO, All American Management Group, Inc.

* James L. Winston, Executive Director, National Association of Black-Owned Broadcasters

* Candida Mobley-Wright, President, Voices, Inc.

* Frank Montero, Co-Managing Partner with the law Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth

* Cleveland Spears, Producer/Radio Host/General Manager, iM4radio Broadcasting Network

* Loris Ann Taylor, Executive Director, Native Public Media