FCC OK’s Millions In Advances To Help Restore Caribbean Communications


The FCC acted quickly in giving its OK to WC Docket No. 10-90, which effectively removes what would have been the first order of business at its October Open Meeting from the agenda.

Less than 24 hours after the introduction by Chairman Ajit Pai of an Order to clarify the use of high-cost universal service support and permit forward funding of support to aid in reconstruction of telecommunications networks damaged by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the FCC gave its approval of the plan.

This immediately provides up to $76.9 million to help restore service.

The FCC unanimously voted to immediately provide carriers with up to seven-months’ worth of support from the FCC’s Universal Service Fund, which helps lower the cost of deploying service in areas that are costly to serve.

Any funds advanced under this action can be used to repair telecommunications infrastructure and restore service to customers across the islands.

The FCC’s actions are intended to enable carriers to restore essential communications services as quickly as possible.

FCC staff will help coordinate network repair activities to ensure that the greatest coverage is available to the most people.