FCC on STELA Requests: No and No


No!The FCC has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking designed to implement the version of STELA most recently enacted into law by Congress. The National Association of Broadcasters and advocacy Public Knowledge found the call for comment to be overbroad.

The two organizations asked for either a narrowing of scope of the NPRM or for more time.

The NAB believed that issues beyond those addressed in the legislation were included in the NPRM and with agreement from PK asked that they we reined in.

Alternatively, they wanted more time to digest the NPRM and provide a robust response. To this end, they asked that the deadline for comments be moved from 4/29/15 to 5/11/16.

The FCC declined to grant the first request, saying that the NPRM was within its authority as presented and did not require narrowing. Nor was it willing to grant more time, since it is facing a statutory deadline of 6/2/15 to bring the matter to a conclusion.

So the answers were no and no.