FCC on student-run station violations


College DegreeWDJM-FM Framingham MA got into FCC hot water over an unspecified violation, and settled the matter under an FCC policy in place specifically for student-run stations.

Keeping such stations in compliance should be the responsibility of a permanent adult staffer, but it is nevertheless not uncommon for basic compliance errors to be committed by such stations.

The licensee of WDJM-FM is Framingham State University.

The FCC said its policy when confronting a violation from such as station is not to issue a standard notice of apparent liability.

That policy is giving the licensee the opportunity to negotiate a consent decree instead.

That is what happened in this case. The FCC stated, “Licensee has shown that, at the time of the violation, the Station was a student-run noncommercial educational station licensed to an educational institution. This first-time documentation violation at the Station is within the parameters of our policy concerning violations of documentation requirements of Rules by student-run NCE radio stations.”

The station will operate under terms of a three year compliance plan, and will pay a modest $1,200 civil penalty to the US Treasury.