FCC open for business, guidance to come


FCCBut its October Open Meeting is out of business – after a forced two weeks-plus vacation, FCC staffers aren’t going to be able to get the session together. It was originally scheduled for 10/22/13. And guidance is forthcoming if you missed a filing deadline due to the shutdown.

As for the October public session, the FCC says a sunshine notice will be released as soon as possible with a new date and a listing of agenda items. The earlier sunshine notice on the meeting showed nothing of particular interest to the broadcast community.

The final two meetings after October are on the schedule for 11/14/13 and 12/12/13.

Here’s what the FCC has to say about filing deadlines:

“As a result of the recent shutdown of Commission services, including access to electronic dockets on the Commission’s web site, due to a government-wide lapse in appropriations, we suspend all Commission filing deadlines that occurred during the shutdown or that will occur on or before October 21, other than Network Outage Reporting System (NORS) filing deadlines, until further notice. The Commission will soon issue further guidance on revised filing deadlines.”

The FCC concluded, “We recommend that parties refrain from submitting filings seeking additional relief until after they consider the further guidance.”